We all danced

Today the Native American Club and Chamberlain High School held their annual pow wow at the Armory. Attendance wise, it is a small pow wow, but it’s symbolic importance is great to our students who want to share that part of their culture with those in the community. Several of the families participated in a soup cook off, so when it came time for supper, awards were announced and those of us who got to eat the fruits of their labor were awarded with mighty tasty fare.  D’Kera, a junior was chosen as Miss Chamberlain High School and will represent the club at other pow wows and events throughout the coming year. The most enjoyable part of a pow wow for me is the social aspect.  Visiting with family and alumni who were back help celebrate re-establishes ties and memories.

Andrea is one of our graduating seniors. During the pow wow her family wanted to honor her in a special way, and had a giveaway. Two dozen beautiful star quilts were given to the staff and a few classmates who have helped Andrea since she came to St. Joseph’s Indian School nine years ago. Andrea said words of thanks and acknowledgement to each of them. I was given a magnificent multi-colored silky star quilt and was honored to be honored. Then the drum group played a honor song and we all danced in line with those in attendance coming forward to shake our hands.